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Get it!

I bought 2 parfumes and let me tell you they're amazing! The smell is light and clean but lasts all day and smells expensive. It's a high class perfume for a fraction of the price. Just buy won't regret it!!

Coffee chocolatey goodness

This candle fills my entire living room. It's divine. I love lighting it in the morning as I drink my coffee!

You NEED this

The S1G is to DIE FOR. I bought this for my teenage son after he tried a sample pack of upscale colognes and nothing really impressed him (not to mention the one he did like, $140!!!). I couldn’t wait to open the box once it came. This scent is perfection. I think this would be perfect for pretty much any person looking for an every day fragrance to wear that you’ll get complimented on all day long!


They recommended this fragrance for my husband based off the scents I gave them to compare and HOLY CRAP. spot on 100%. smells so great & i can’t wait for my husband to wear! he approved and was happy i actually bought something for him for once LOL . thank you caramel sundays for everything you continue to do for all of us! keep bringing on the goods


this is sold out for a reason!! it smells absolutely AH-MAZING. i bought this once, received my package in the mail and went right back on the website and bought MORE. it’s so yummy smelling and makes the room smell so welcoming.

8oz Foaming Body Sugar Scrub
Magally Marchena Cepeda
The BEST skin products!

My family and I absolutely love the Caramel Sundays skin products. Everything from their scents to how they leave your skin feeling is amazing. I have been purchasing from Caramel Sundays for a little over 2 1/2 years now and they do not disappoint!

22oz 2 Wick Signature Nanny's Kitchen Soy Wax Candle
Amy Corkery
High quality candles! Slow burning and STRONG scent throw!

You will not be disappointed in caramel Sundays’ candles! They have a really strong throw and your whole room and all adjacent rooms will be filled within minutes of lighting. Also, i burned my CS candle for about 4 hours and it hardly made a dent in the amount gone. With other brands you will see so much gone after only a few hours of burn. These candles burn SLOW and will last you so it is worth your money. Plus, 100% soy is the way to go for your health if you are a candle lover and frequently burn them in your home!

Best Sugar Scrub!

I have been a loyal customer of Caramel Sundays for years and I have to say that the body/skin care products are what I purchase the most. We use the sugar scrub once a week and it leaves the skin feeling exfoliated and so soft! Not to mention the smells of all their products are AMAZING!

Amazing on the skin

I have really sensitive skin especially when changing up my skincare routine. I was hesitant because of how my face gets but I'm so glad I tried this. I must say after one wash with this my face was SO soft & actually clean. All you need is a little amount because it's definitely a little goes a long way type of product which that in itself is amazing! This paired with their vitamin c serum & bright & tight peptide is the holy grail for my skin. Definitely can't wait to try the other skincare products.


THIS!!!! THIS IS THE ONE!! idk how to even describe the amount of perfect blend between the two this has. it is not overpowering in the lavender side if you’re worried , it is so subtle but so beautiful! then boom here comes the warm vanilla cupcake omg this is my favorite candle they’ve ever made! I wish it came in body care!

marshmallow cherry cream 🍒

I am very impressed with this one! although I do wish it was a little stronger the scent is perfect! perfect blend of marshmallow and cherry .. yummy!

Greatest Candle on 🌎

This Mondo candle is amazing! I have a 2 story open concept living room and it's sooo hard and frustrating to get candles to scent my room. Well, I do not have to search anymore! This candle is my most favorite scented candle and I can relax and smell it 20 feet away!!! It's amazing. I love Coco Cactus, it's fresh and sweet and smells like a nice perfume almost. Caramel sundays never disappoints when it comes to throw and scent choices! I have loved everything that I have purchased! Also, the owners are so helpful and nice and answer all my many silly questions 💕💕💕

Marshmallow Cherry Cream wax melt

As expected with all their products this scent is phenomenal! Actually I had it melting in the warmer and my mail lady smelled it before I even opened the door. Of course I shared the company details!

It’s the best!

Works Great! Non greasy smells great too!

Happy Customer

I stumbled upon Caramel Sundays on social media. I’m always looking for awesome candles! Truthfully for years I have wasted money on candles that just don’t do it for me. When I saw their brand, I immediately loved everything about it, so I gave them a try. Well let’s just say I do not buy my candles anywhere else lol and I sit patiently with my phone every time there is a new launch! Feverishly trying to get all of my selections! They are worth every penny! Not to mention I love supporting small business! If you haven’t tried them yet I suggest you do! The smells are fabulous! And they do not produce that black stuff when they burn. They are just awesome all the way around! I look forward to coming home from work, lighting one, sitting on my couch and enjoying a glass of wine, tea or hot chocolate! 🤍 it’s a win win all the way around!

Bakery on Main is scrumptious

I never considered myself a foodie scent girl but my husband loves the warmer vanilla scents. I was hesitant to try this at first due to being worried it would over power and smell like the fake frosting at bakeries. But this has easily become a fan favorite scent at home. It's a scent everyone loves and doesn't over power.

Obsessed body wash

I have tried 2 other body washes by Carmel Sundays my favorite being Bali, that was until I opened the lid on Obsessed when it arrived. I instantly became obsessed by the scent and I haven't even used it in the shower yet. It is dreamy.

Lovely smell!

Great candle! Not my absolute favorite because it's a little perfumy but still amazing and scents work well together!

22oz 2 Wick Tobacco and Honey Soy Wax Candle
Brianna Wechter
Buy it!!!

Omg best smelling candle ever! Buy it! Scents work wonderfully together! Wish I would have bought a few!

Lovely candle!

Truly a great smelling candle! It's a foody candle yet not at the same time! Very good scent profile! All scents work wonderfully together!

Can’t get enough!

My first candle purchase was last fall. And I seriously can’t get enough of them since then. Every time a launch comes out, I can’t help myself, I buy atleast 5 to 6 of their candles. Sometimes go back for another order because I feel like I’m missing out on a scent! They are so good. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent on candles, but it is 100% worth it! I am a lifer for Carmel Sunday. Candles!

Sweet & Savory

Such a great candle! It’s strong but not too powerful that you get a headache. The smell is so dreamy! Not too banana-y! Makes the house smell cozy. Savoring what I have left!!


I have the entire V3LV1T collection and I am in love with it. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I have very oily skin and this has been helping tremendously. With my last skin care, my face would feel very oily within a few hours of washing but not with this!! I am seriously stocking up! Just love it!

My 23 year old son asked me to by as much cold pressed soap. He loves it.

Favorite sugar scrub!

Love these scrubs!!! The sugar lasts long enough to get a good scrub. Not to mention I love how foamy it gets it feels so nourishing for your skin! Highly recommend!!