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The BEST Candle EVER

Literally the best candle!!!

Smells so good. Definitely will be ordering more candles!

Fall Farmhouse 🤩

I missed out on fall farmhouse last year (my first time with caramel sundays) & this year I debated buying it. When it sold out instantly the first restock of fall, I knew I had to have it next round. I didn’t know what I had been missing! This is such an AMAZING fall candle. The scent description leads you to believe it’s sweeter than it is, in my opinion, which is why I stayed away as I already have a ton of sweet, and lean toward spice for the fall time. Well, this has the PERFECT amount of fall spice. It’s such a yummy, well rounded scent. A must have for sure. I will definitely be getting some wax melts next restock!

State fair vibes.

It’s smells just like your at the State fair.. one of my favorite fall candles!!

22oz 3 Wick Funnel Cake Soy Wax Candle
Giovanny Torres Mancilla

22oz 3 Wick Funnel Cake Soy Wax Candle

Great product

I absolutely love this product! I was able to first purchase it when it was first launched and I’ve loved it ever since and currently on my second bottle. It has a very cool orange color, it’s not sticky at all and all you need is one pump for your entire face. If you’re on the fence about trying it just take the chance you won’t be sorry.

Most amazing lip conditioner!

I’m the person who always has a chapstick in their pockets. ALWAYS. I started using this lip conditioner and when I say it changed my life, I mean it! This is the only thing I put on my lips now, and 1-2x a day is all I need to keep them soft and moisturized ALL DAY long. My lips don’t crack anymore. This product is truly amazing, just like everything else from Caramel Sundays!

So good!

This soap lathers so much, smells so good, and is just the best soap ever! This is our favorite one that we’ve tried. Just buy it! You won’t be disappointed.


I love this scent. Will buy as often as it’s restocked!

22oz 3 Wick Funnel Cake Soy Wax Candle

Trick R Treat is awesome

This candle totally blew me away i knew it was sweet and good but seriously its just perfect to me is smells a little like candy corn. Yummm!

Smell is amazing

This is the first time ever ordering. I love fall scents, let just say the original Dad’s pumpkin pie OMG my house smelled so amazing. I wanted strong smell I sure got it. I will be ordering more from now on. The best candles I have ever bought. I need to order the wax melts also. Can’t wait to try all the others. I will be recommending these candle to all my friends.

22oz 2 Wick Hollow Grounds Soy Wax Candle
Caitlin Wehrman
So happy I finally found this business !

I was so happy when I came across this business on Instagram! Fall soy candles, that look amazing, and are packaged beautifully.
I love the way these candles smell so much, I’m not burning them until I can order more at the next fall launch! I want to have a stock pile!

Whipped Goodness

I bought Apple Pumpkin and Aloha Kiwi and both smell amazing. I live in AZ where the Temps have been extremely high(110+) and when my soap arrived it was still in great condition. Feels so smooth and lathers so well.

22oz 3 Wick Fall Gathering Soy Wax Candle
Andrea Bisping
The ultimate Fall Candle

Wether you like sweet, spiced, refreshing or foodie I feel like you would love this scent, and it can also be a great fall/Christmas transitioning scent, it’s the ultimate fall scent

Gorgeous scents/ whipped soap

I’m a lover of whipped soap especially gourmand scents. I picked up the Peach Cobbler and it smells amazing. It’s also a beautiful moisturizing soap. I can’t wait to try different kinds. Love!

Funnel Cake

Fantastic, Smells just like funnel cake. Get that scent of your at the festivals and just warm cozy feeling. Great candle.

Coffin Cake Sot Wax Candle

It smells so amazing! Wonderful fall spice cake and a little sweet icing smell! They will think you are doing some fall baking! Love it!

Top 3 candle!

I adore this scent! I cannot believe it hasn't sold out yet, I just got it 2 weeks ago and I almost have burned it out I burn it that much! I need to order another one asap!


One of my absolute favorites.

It smells just like a bowl of oatmeal topped with blueberries

It makes my skin hydrated and smooth.


Can’t say enough good. Smells amazing and keeps my skin moisturized!


This has made a huge impact on my sons skin.

2oz Body Mist Spray
ashley bohner

2oz Body Mist Spray

Lip Conditioner - Fuller, Hydrated Lips